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When your a custom baker, people always have lots of questions.  Let me try to get the most common answered here.  If you have another question, feel free to contact me!

How much is this/that?  



My creations are custom made to your requests.  It is almost impossible to post a flat price on a custom cake order.  I have to know many things about what your looking for, such as type of cake, filling, icing and the intricacy of your design & decor.  Baking is very hands on and a home baker must consider hours spent, supplies used, shopping time, baking time, etc.  A home baker will most always cost more than your local big box grocer...keep that in mind when looking for a custom cake.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM A LICENSED & INSURED BAKER!!!

Do you deliver?


I prefer you to be able to pick-up your small cakes & baked goods, however delivery is available for a fee.  Wedding cakes/packages quotes will be given a setup & delivery fee.  I do offer cake cutting service based on availablity, please inquire!

Can I taste test your baked goods?


If you are inquiring a tasting for a large event such as a Wedding, I will offer a group tasting for you.  Once details are discussed, I can quote a nominal tasting fee, to cover costs.  Upon booking, your tasting fee will be applied to your wedding order.


If you are inquiring a tasting for a smaller order such as a special occasion cake, I would encourgage you to order a 1/2 dozen of cupcakes in the flavor you wish to try.  Again, I can quote you a tasting fee, to cover costs.


Everything is baked fresh to order, so offering free taste testings is difficult.  I will do my best to accomodate your requests.

How much notice do you need?


As a home baker, I need ASAP notice!  It takes me time to plan out your cake folks.  I bake everything, make everything and it takes time, sometimes a couple days to prep for a cake.  I can only take a few orders per week, since I'm home based.  So in less words... THE EARLIER, THE BETTER!!!

Do you need a deposit?


If your booking a large event order, I DO require a deposit of 50% at time of booking, and final balance is due a week before event date.  Smaller orders will require a 50% deposit as well,  Final balances on smaller orders are payable upon pickup/delivery.  I like to get details down on paper/email/Facebook message and get a confirmation agreement electonically.  I am not responsible after your order leaves my door, or after I deliver your order to your venue!!!  Simply meaning...if you slam on the brakes after you pickup your cake and it is ruined, or the cake cracks due to handling, damage from heat/water, etc.   Please inspect your cake/goods and assure they are exactly how it should be at pickup/delivery to avoid any issues after the fact. 

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