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These following flavors are just a snippet of ideas for flavors. Cake and fillings can be made into unlimited flavors. If you have an interest in something that you don't see below, please ask! I love being challenged and creative...


You can choose from the basics.....Yellow Butter, Strawberry, Chocolates (Milk, Dark, Chip), White, French Vanilla, Marble. OR go out of the box! Red Velvet, Almond, Mocha, Banana, Carrot, German Chocolate, Coconut, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Cherry, Blueberry, Spice, Lime, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Peanut Butter, Confetti, Purple Yam (Ube), RumChata, Pistachio, Rum, Vanilla Chai, Pound cake, Kahlua, Butter Pecan.... the flavor options for cake truly are endless!! Always inquire with me if your looking for something can usually be done.


Buttercream / Whipped Icing / Fresh Fruits (Strawberries, Banana, Raspberries, Blueberries, Pineapple, Apricot, Apple, Cherry, Peach) as available. / Custards (Bavarian, Chocolate, Lemon, Key Lime, Coconut) / Ganache (Dark, Milk, White Chocolate) / Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, Caramel, Nutella, Biscoff and Fudge!


Choose the best Icing option for your order!


Homemade with REAL butter! Buttercream can be made in almost any flavor and tinted to match a rainbow of colors!

Chocolate Buttercream

Homemade with REAL butter & quality cocoa powder.

Peanut Butter Buttercream

Homemade with REAL butter, and creamy peanut butter.

Cream Cheese Buttercream

Homemade with REAL butter, and cream cheese. CLIENT FAVORITE!!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Lighter than Buttercream, swiss meringue is made from egg whites, white sugar and REAL butter. Swiss Meringue can also be flavored and tinted.

Whipped Icing

Vanilla flavored and has a light and fluffy texture, less sweet than Buttercream. Can be flavored and tinted. Colors are lighter in appearance with Whipped Icing. CLIENT FAVORITE!!!


Ganache is made from heavy cream & quality chocolate. Ganache gives a smooth, shiny and classy appearance to your cake! Ganache can be made from milk, dark or white chocolate.


Fondant Icing is more of an eye appealing coating for a cake. This gives your cake a smooth, clean finish, and is applied over a layer of Buttercream. Fondant is available in any color and is usually vanilla in flavor. Fondant cakes are very popular these days! A more expensive Icing choice, but worth the finished product, as the decor options are endless!


A custom homemade cake or baked goods will most always be more costly than your local big box store. Keep that in mind when you contact any home baker. We invest lots more in our goods than your local grocer does!! It is very hard to put a flat price on a custom cake. My cakes are made to cater to YOU! We start with flavor, filling, icing, serving size and decor type. Once I have your choices, I am able to put a quote together for you within 24-48 hours. Contact me for pricing and ordering information.

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