I Proposed!

Good Morning! I'm sitting here with my coffee and getting my Bake Shoppe business done this morning as a newly engaged woman. The best part is that I did the proposing! Yep... me, the female! You see, this guy was my first love at 15. We had that summer love thing going on for a couple years, then life happened and we both grew up and apart. As years past we both had relationships that didn't work out (lucky for us). I ended up seeing a Facebook request from him one day and debating on clicking that "confirm friendship" button, but I did. We met back up at the same place the summer love began and starting dating soon after. The summer love once again grew and this time we didn't drift apart but we became closer than ever. Almost 5 years later I decided that at his surprise 40th birthday party that I would propose to him through a cake!! It's an actual re-creation of a Technics 1200 turntable that he has owned since we were teenagers. Music is his passion, so I brought that to life with a cake...a very special cake. He was double surprised for his birthday and by my proposal....AND HE SAID YES!!!

Asking him to marry ME!

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