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It's been awhile...but I've been busy!! New job, baking and a bit of soul searching too!

Hey all! Happy August Birthdays....its seems August is always my busiest month for birthday cakes. Thank you to those of you who have placed orders. I have a few new cake photos I'm adding to the site today, since I have seemed to found a "few" extra minutes this morning. I also wanted to share a cool photo of Duff Goldman (ACE OF CAKES), my son Dominic and I at Duff's newest book release meet & greet. Duff was the coolest, most humble and encouraging fella ever....he spoke of his beginnings in the industry and how he ended up baking cakes, after making cornbread/biscuits as his start! Duff struck a heartstring with me...and I've been busy ever since!

Oddly the Baker, started a new "regular" job 6 months ago with the Illinois State Police as a telecommunicator trainee aka dispatcher. Its been a crazy, scary, anxious, information filled, fast paced learning experience to say the least. I never imagined myself in this field of work, after spending many years in grocery retail management, but I felt compelled to try something different....something that could make a difference. So learning the ropes and the "regular" job, and still baking cakes on the off hours has been life lately. Never an empty moment, except for this one, this morning...time to reflect, dream and focus.

Im still devoted to baking, being creative and playing hostess with the "most" ess! It's where my heart calls home, its my release and my passion. I think about it every day, so when Duff spoke, his words meant a lot to me....never give up on a dream, even if it seems impossible. When you're in the line of work I am, you see that life can truly be short, and taken from you at any moment. It's made me rearrange priorities, take a second look at my life and how I want to spend it. I just celebrated my 37th birthday a couple days ago. It's early yet, I'm still in the game!! I've promised myself to focus over the next few years to slowly immerse myself into becoming a small business owner. I know I can do it.....Duff told me so!! <3

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